Empowering girls
to become
the geoscientists
of tomorrow

about the project

The ENGIE project aims to turn the interest of girls to study geosciences and geo-engineering, and thus to improve the gender balance in these disciplines. The project is developing an awareness-raising strategy and creating a stakeholder collaboration network for the implementation of a set of outreach actions in more than 20 European countries.


Raising interest

Raising the interest of young girls to study geosciences and geo-engineering

Gender balance

Improving the gender balance in these disciplines


Implementing awareness-raising activities in 22 European countries

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Meet some of the Geoscientists who volunteer at Women in Mining UK

The geoscientists featured in this article are volunteers at WIM UK and represent a snapshot of the many geological careers available in mining. These women share their stories of why they became geoscientists, what they do day to day in their jobs, and how geoscientists are key in making sure mining companies can produce the necessary metals and minerals that the world needs.

Girls Go Circular – Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills for the Circular Economy

Girls Go Circular – Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills for the Circular Economy

Did you know that women represent only one-third of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) graduates and less than one-fifth of ICT (information and communications technology) specialists in the European Union? Women’s participation in these fields must increase to create a more inclusive Europe and bring new perspectives to research and innovation.

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