As part of the ENGIE project activities, eight female role models in the field of geoscience recorded short videos in which they introduced themselves and shared some details about their professional experience and why they chose a career path in geoscience. 

The sectors in which they have specialised are quite diverse: engineering geology, geophysics, Arctic geology, geoheritage, mining, geotechnics, geospatial science, climate change and sedimentology.

We invite you to watch all of the videos to know more about these sectors and we draw your attention to the video recorded by Fiona Watters. She is a passionate young geospatial scientist specialising in climate change. In addition, her video is available in 15 European languages on YouTube thanks to the translation of the ENGIE Linked Third Parties. To select one of the different subtitles available on YouTube, click on the settings icon and choose your preferred language.