The European Researchers’ Night is a science event normally organised on the last Friday of September and funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions. The aim of this European wide initiative is to bring researchers closer to citizens by showcasing the diversity of research and highlighting its impact on our daily lives. Another important aim is to motivate young people to embark on research careers.

The ENGIE project organised, and implemented side events to the European Researchers’ Night 2020 in 19 countries all across Europe. The themes were dedicated exclusively to geosciences and geo-engineering. The main aim of these events was to raise awareness and curiosity of young people, and especially girls, for geosciences. The participants had the opportunity to discover various geoscientific disciplines, their possible applications and they could also gain insight into different options for professional career choices.

Due to the pandemic most events were organised online (14 countries) around the 27th of November, the main event date in 2020. Only 3 countries were able to carry out some activities physically. Accordingly, most activities were organised as webinars or online games. In total nearly 2000 girls participated in the events.

ENGIE Researchers’ Night activities at a national level

In order to maximise the outreach, activities were also carried out within the Spanish UNESCO Global Geoparks. Each park received an “ENGIE box” containing activity plans and promotional materials.


Would you like to implement our Researchers’ Night activities in your school or at home?

Online games: 

Material for physical activities: 

  •  ENGIE activity booklet (Spanish)
  •  ENGIE Chronological time activity (Spanish)
  •  ENGIE Cookbook (English)

Stay tuned! We hope to release further material soon.