On 27 November 2020 associates from the Croatian Geological Society (ENGIE Linked Third Party) and the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (partner of the ENGIE Project), presented the ENGIE project at the Natural Sciences high school in Zagreb, Croatia, in which students can learn about geology and geosciences. The school is enrolled by students predominantly interested in science because it offers courses with an emphasis on science subjects: chemical technician, environmental technician, geological technician, beautician, science high school, science high school – sports class and bilingual class department.

The project was presented to students of the 3rd grade (mostly 17 years old), both girls and boys (more girls!), altogether 22 students. Participants received flyers with information about the Project and symbolic gifts with the ENGIE project logo. ENGIE representatives gave a short talk about all the possibilities that geosciences offer. The students showed interest and asked about the possibilities for employment in Croatia. ENGIE experts invited them to participate in future ENGIE activities.

Recently the word has also been spread about ENGIE all across Croatia via the Universitas magazine. This way, the project was introduced in four daily newspapers (on 30 November in Večernji list, Slobodna Dalmacija and Novi list newspapers, and on 1 December in Jutarnji list).