On Saturday, October 10th 2020, the ENGIE project was presented as part of the Croatian event “Blago pod našim nogama” (“Treasure under our feet”) with the aim of popularising geosciences. The event encompassed different activities organised within three EIT RawMaterials projects: RM@Schools, MineHeritage and ENGIE. There were around 50 participants of different ages, with a majority (around 35) of secondary school students.

At the ENGIE stand the participants were presented and received as a present the minerals equal to those that were being mined in the mine near the town of Samobor (Rude), but only after having solved the task of correctly arranging within a time-line some of the most important events in the history of our planet. Most of the students found the activity interesting and fun and were happy to engage.

Also, rock-clocks were assembled by younger participants with an explanation of the timing of some events in Earth’s history based on the analogy of Earth’s life in a 24-hour day. The children were happy to construct the clock by themselves and bring it home as a nice souvenir and reminder of their encounter with geoscientists.